Monday, September 7, 2009

Where Could I Go From Your Spirit

Today I read this scripture and was blessed! Take a minute to read it, Psalm 139:1-18.

This is such an awesome Psalm. So much is said here. God knows everything about us, He has searched us thoroughly and understands and knows all our thoughts. He knows how we will respond to things. Nothing we do or say could ever surprise Him. There is nowhere we can go to get away from Him, or to hide from Him. He knows where we are at all times. I find that quite comforting to know. He loves us so much that He would be that concerned for us. He is always there to guide us and to lead us (v: 10).

He knit us together in our mothers womb. We were woven together in the depths of the earth [a region of darkness and mystery] (v: 15). I love that description. We are like a beautiful embroidery the Lord has woven. He saw our unformed substance while we were being formed in the womb. All our days were written in His book, before we were even born (v: 16). How very special we are to the Lord. He has such an awesome plan for each of us. We are not here by accident. We have a purpose and a destiny in God. We are here for a reason. God has a dream and a vision that He has placed in each one of us, to fulfill.

How precious are His thoughts toward us. They out number the sand (v: 17-18). Isn’t that incredible? God must think about us all the time. This really struck me as I was reading this passage. To know we are on God’s mind that much. That He could care and be concerned with our lives that much, is such a comforting thing to know. What love is that!

May we today have a deeper sense of God’s presence with us wherever we may be, wherever we may go, whatever we may be doing today. Take comfort in knowing that God is thinking of you and is always with you.

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Chris said...

GREAT! This is really cool and so true, thank you!

Love ya, dude!