Friday, June 11, 2010

calamity to calm

Father, this day has too much responsibility for me. My head spins with frustration. My life is full of calamity. Help me to gain Your perspective. When my footing begins to slip, let me cling to You, my Fortress. Instill Your direction in my cluttered mind. When I am weak, lend me Your quiet, confident strength; when impatient, grant me Your patience. If I fail, help me not to keep punishing myself, but to leave it in Your hands and go on.

Teach me to eliminate those things that are unnecessary and to concentrate on the essentials. Help me slow down enough to take time for myself and You. Keep my thoughts accurate, my hands sure, and my feet swift in doing Your will. Remind me of my limitations, Lord. Keep my step close behind-not in front- of You and protect me with Your strong hands.

At the days end, I will lie down and reflect on all I have learned. I will recall how much You have helped me. I will praise You with great joy as I drift to sleep nestled in the protection of Your mighty wings.