Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Kailey: "Mom, can we sit by each other and snuggle-buggle while we watch our video?"
Me: "Sure honey, but be nice and leave your sister alone."
Me: "What part of be nice and leave your sister alone did you not understand?"
That is about all I have tonight. I have been sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours now studying and I think it's safe to say that my brain is fried. I am headed for the shower and then to bed. Thanks for checking in...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well, it official, I have been admitted and enrolled as a full time student at the University of Phoenix online. It is a 2 year accelerated BA of Science in Health Administration degree program. My first day of class is scheduled for Tuesday. I am thrilled that I can complete my dream of finishing my degree but I am extremely anxious about being in school again, this time with a family! I know i will be able to do the school work, I just have to find a way to pay my existing balance on our comcast package before they cancel our service and I have no internet...long story short...we were set up on a payment plan and they will no longer honor payment plans so the balance has to be paid in full by tomorrow and the money is not in the bank. So, seriously, all of you prayer warriors out there who read this, please be in prayer with us. We need a miracle or a laptop that I can use to take to a WIFI place...ok, enough about that before I get sick! (as you can probably tell I am struggling with faith in this area)

We had a great weekend...beautiful weather and lots of family time! Friday night some of our good friends came over, Saturday we spent the day outside and then that night I helped Chris put together the initial stages of his blog. You can check it out here or under my blog list called CROSSROADS! He is excited about it! We both have so much to learn still. After that we popped some popcorn and watched The Notebook. Sunday we went to church and had a great service, Then we went and looked at model homes and dreamed of the day we will own one! We both enjoy doing that! Then, we went home for lunch, outside play and ....much needed naps for all of us!

I need to sign off now, the girls are supposed to be napping but, the sound of Kailey's bed on the hardwoods tells me otherwise. Thanks for checking in and for praying with me about the whole computer thing...make sure to leave me a's what keeps me going!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ride the Sushi Train

I went out last week with my friend Rachel. We have known each other since 7th grade. We were best friends for along time and then ended up going separate ways but we have reconnected now. It has been fun getting to know her all over again at a different place in our lives. Any way, we went to Sakura's Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar. This is the neatest little place. We sat at the Sushi Bar where the train went around the bar with an assortment of fresh sushi. I was hesitant at first...couldn't get past the whole raw thing. But I did it! I ate sushi! And I loved it! Chris thought I was crazy but now he wants to go back with me and check it out. It was so much fun! It really helped that Rachel knew quite a bit about what was being served on each plate. We tried some new ones, some we liked and some...not so much! Thanks Rach for a fun night!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bloom Where You are Planted

Flowers always lift my spirits. The beautiful colors and interesting shapes and lovely scents stir my heart with gratitude. Over the years there have been lots of different occasions where Chris has surprised me with a fresh bouquet on the dining room table. To me, fresh flowers are such a simple way of saying, "God's love lives here and I cherish my home". I was thinking about this today as I was sitting at my dining room table enjoying my coffee and quiet time. I thought to myself, "Do you realize that God has planted you right where you are? Oh, there will still be change ahead, you can be sure of that. But God has planted me in my situation, in my relationships, in my home, in my circumstances so that I can blossom into His woman who says, "Gods love lives here" with my words and with my actions. I want the Lords joy and peace to permeate the walls of my home and my heart with a spirit of loveliness that only Christ Himself can give!
Here is my prayer today~ God, I see your gentle touch on my life each day. You are the master Gardener, tending to the garden of my life. Thank you for what you are creating.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, here they are... pictures of Kailey's 3rd Birthday! This was her first big B-day party that she had with some of her little friends! I think she really had a good time. I was very pleased with the service that we had at Chuck E. Cheese. We would definitely choose to go back again.

Cupcakes that I made

Kailey and her Daddy clapping to the Birthday song with Chuck E. Cheese
Chris was the designated "climb into the tunnel with the kiddos" guy! What a good daddy!!!
This is Kailey's sweet friend Nevaeh in the tunnel
Lauryn was terrified from the moment we walked in the building. She hung close to familiar faces...grama and papa!
Here is a group picture of all the little friends(those that were brave enough to be with Chuck E. Cheese)

The Birthday girl with a great BIG smile! We love you so much Kailey Bug!!!

The girls dancing
Eating the yummy pizza
Kailey and daddy with Chuck E. Cheese
Thanks to everyone who help make Kailey's Birthday so special!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am a Child of God...
And as such, I am loved far beyond my comprehension.
Nothing~no life circumstance, no set back or failure,
no heartache or pain
can separate me from His everlasting love.
Nothing can make me less in His eyes. I am His.
I am cherished. Throughout the trials I face in life,
I am protected, guided and watched over
by He who knows all,
sees all, and above all,
loves me unfailingly.
Deborah Simmons
Chris bought this poem for me a couple of years ago for mothers day and he had it put in a beautiful frame. I have it hung in our home where I am sure to walk by it several times a day. Some days it is easy to read and others I can hardly make it all the way through...regardless of my feelings any particular day, this poem captures a truth that is so amazing! I am loved unfailingly by THE ONE who knows all and sees all. And I am forever grateful...