Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kailey's Birthday

We celebrated Kailey's 3rd Birthday yesterday! I think she had alot of fun. We started the day out with belgian waffles with eggs and ham (kailey's fav.) then we moved right in to opening gifts and cake. Yes, my daughter ate chocolate cake at 8 inthe morning!!! I couldn't believe we were letting her do that but we needed to celebrate with daddy before he had to go to bed(night shift this week). After daddy went to bed, Kailey's Nonny (auntie kim) took her to Chik-fil-a for lunch and to play. We had to make one pit stop at Childrens Mercy for a DR appointment. I was dreading that because she was to have lab drawn but her DR jsut couldn't bear to do that to her on her BDAY so...that made Kailey very, very happy!!!! And me too! Everything went great there and then we headed to Nonny's house to play outside and ended it with a fried ice cream celebration at Jose Peppers. The girls were both exhuasted and ready for bed at 7:30. We will continue the celebrating on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese!