Thursday, January 29, 2009

Searching for Preschools

Ok, this is a shout out to all of you moms of preschoolers in the Olathe/Shawnee/Overland Park area. Help!!! I need some tips and advice on finding an awesome preschool for my sweet Kailey. I have started checking into a few places but I would love some feedback on any preschools that you would recommend. I am brand new to this and would appreciate any and all info you can give me, like price, location, when to enroll...all that good stuff! Let's have it!


Jenn said...

hey carly,
mason and mya went to westide nazarene on sante fe just just west of k-7 for kids day out and they loved it... they have preschool there to that we would have used had i not decided to homeschool. it's pretty inexpensive and close {emily took her kids there for kids day out too!} anyway, check it out! i think they start enrollment in feb or march {maybe april?}
love, jenn

Carly said...

Thanks Jenn! i did not know they had a preschool. I will check it out! That is really close to me too!