Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Stuff of Hope

I am just now finding the time to sit at my computer but I knew I had to share about this weeks sermon at church. It still amazes me how I can sit in a church full of people and feel like the sermon was speaking just to me! Except in this case, I knew it was speaking to my husband too. I knew it was even before I looked over at him and saw the tears building in his eyes. The sermon was titled, "The Stuff of Hope". Our pastor used scripture taken from Hebrews 11:1-12:3.Faith is the "stuff" of hope. He asked us to think about what we hope for? What a loaded question, right?! I have so many things that I hope for but so many of them are frivolous. But some of them are not! He also asked us, "Who writes the narrative of your hope?" He talked about how easy it is to transfer the location of our faith/hope from God to ourselves. Usually we find ourselves doing this when we are at those places in life when we are wondering in the desert, questioning Gods guidance or direction. Asking God, what have I done wrong to get to this point? But that is not how Christianity works! God is still in control in the hard times too and has us there to teach us and grow us. And the part that really hit home for me was reminding us that God is a God that knows His way around the desert-He's been there before! And God has a track record of doing great things with His people in the desert. God is still the God of the desert!!! SO, if there is anyone out there like us that feels like they are wondering aimlessly in the desert, take heart and know that God knows His way around the desert and He is still right beside you!

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Wondering aimlessly...I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately! lol