Monday, March 10, 2008

Colds, Colds, and more Colds

Seriously, does it ever end? The girls are sick again! Lauryn woke up Sunday morning with a temp of 101 and it kept creeping up all 1:45am today, it was at 103.5 That scares me. Neither one of the girls has never had a temp that high. So I called CMH urgent care nurse line and talked with them. They told me to keep doing what we had been doing...tepid baths, Tylenol every4 hours, and push the fluids. She seems to be doing a little better now. Her temp is down to 101 but all she wants to do is sleep. That scares me too, but I guess that is what I want when I'm sick. Kailey doesn't have the temp but she is starting the head cold and cough again. Please keep them in your prayers. We spent the weekend in Wichita with Chris's mom and dad. He had back surgery a couple of weeks ago and is recovering very well. He had been down and not doing much for so long it was really good to see him up and walking! The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we spent most of the afternoon outside. The girls love to be around the horses and Kailey loves to give them their treats. She is a brave little girl. I am still scared to do that.. Lauryn liked the cats but they wouldn't let her get to close. It was a nice relaxing weekend. We miss being there. Kailey cried for 30 minutes when we left. She wanted grama and papa to come to her house. It was sad, she has never done that before. The girls are both actually napping right now despite all of the banging going on. They are renovating the kitchen and bathroom in our townhouse and they don't take breaks for napping children. We were going to spend the next few days at Auntie Kims house, but I don't want to infect Jordan and Rachelle. Oh well, I think we might survive as long as I can continue to get to the fridge for juice and string cheese!

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hey how is everyone feeling now??? we need to get together and play, i know i have boys, but they like girls :)