Monday, November 19, 2007

A Weighty Subject

I just layed the girls down for their afternoon nap and I, like everyday, immediately went to the food pantry to see what I could find to satisfy my craving. Oh, the things we do to save a calorie! Not long ago I thought rice cakes were the answer to all of my snacking dilemmas. Even though they tasted like butter-flavored styrofoam, I scarfed them down thinking they would keep me out of the potato chip bag and on the straight and narrow with the scales. If you're like me, you reached for the chips anyway after eating the entire bag of rice cakes. So, it was kind of pointless. Now with the advances in technology, we expect more from our low-cal snacks. There are a few good ones out there but they are pretty rare. I think nutrition bars are among the worst taste bud offenders. No matter how many promises the packaging makes- "new and improved", "candy bar taste"- most still taste like a chocolate-covered multivitamin. They kind of leave me feeling like Tom Hanks in the movie Big when he bites into a cracker at a party, only to discover it was topped with fish eggs. Gagging he wipes his traumatized tongue with a napkin.
Pointless post, I know, but it distracted me long enough to stay away from the food pantry! So... now I guess I should go finish my laundry and cleaning and get ready for our trip to Iowa.


emily said...

ha true, so true! hey, are we doing small group with you all tonight? i know the fulks are out...we could just cancel, as we need some time to pack and stuff as well...let me know if you want to hang! later!

Sarah said...'re a lot more self-disciplined than I am. I would have taken the bag of chips with me to the computer! :)

Hey, I noticed your list of blogs, and I visited "Baby Evan's" blog. How precious yet made me think of Kyrie, my friend's little girl who passed away in April. They still update that blog frequently, so if you want to add that one as well, the address is

Jenn said...

you crack me up... i give you points for getting through the bag of butter flavored styrofoam-- i could never.. you deserve the bag of chips just for that!
:) jenn w.