Monday, November 19, 2007

My mom came to visit

My mom is a very busy woman who lives in southern Iowa but was able to sneak down for the weekend and spend it with us. We had a great time. It had been several months since we had seen her last. She was pretty suprisedhow Lauryn had changed into a different looking baby. Kailey bonded very quickly with Grama Cindy or as Kailey says "Bama Ceedy" I am amazed at how much my mom has gone through in her life and is still going through but remains so faithful and so positive. I hated to see her go but I think the girls wore her out! We tried to go shopping and got a little accomplished but the majority of the time was spent chasing Kailey around and begging her to sit in the stroller, because that's what big girls do when they go shopping. She's no dummy, she knew better and wasn't falling for our bribery. But I really wanted to shop! Oh well, I guess that's what the day after Thanksgiving is for, right?! We'll see how that goes.

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