Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful Hearts Give Thanks

I am so thankful for my beautiful baby girls! They are such a blessing to me everyday! I was doing my devotions this morning, reading in the Psalms. God must think that we need to be reminded to be thankful and to give thanks because the Book of Psalms is full of verses that remind us to have a thankful heart. The scriptures are quite clear that a thankful heart is a happy heart. I read a quote today that I really like. It is from Louis Bromfield, "Oh, Lord, I thnak you for the privelage and gift of living in a world with beauty and excitement and variety. I thank you for the gift of loving and being loved...I thank you for the delights of music and children, of other men's thoughts and conversation and their books to read by the fireside or in bed with the rain falling on the roof or the snow blowing past outside the window." It's probably because Thanksgiving is just a few days away but I am overwhelmed with thankfulness today! God is so good. A fellow blogger writes 3 things everyday on her blog that she is thankful for. How cool is that. That is a challenge for me. I want to learn to become a thankful person in all seasons of life!

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