Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving in Iowa

This is my totally hot husband playing cards with the family, we did alot of that, as usual.

This is my cousin Dustin and our Uncle Al striking a pose...being goofy is what my family does best!
Kailey riding the Zebra that her cousin Brynn got for her 1st birthday. She was loving it!
Lauryn was practically sick the entire trip...poor baby finally had enough and just crashed and slept 51/2 hours out of the 7 hour trip.
Unfortunately(if you ask Chris) we were not able to stop by the Harley shop on the way home but I managed to get a picture from the van window as we drove by. (your welcome baby!)
Overall we had a great Thanksgiving. There is nothing like spending time with family, playing cards, and eating lots of good food! And we did that! I'm not sure that I have ever appreciated a minivan this much before or maybe it was just the DVD player that we had installed. It was an altogether different trip. On trips in the past Chris and I both (well maybe not Chris) ran out of silly songs and noises to entertain the babies but not this, we were in minivan heaven. We packed every kid movie we owned and headed for the highway. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and happy shopping days.

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