Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mr Wrong? Not so Much!

My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years and have been together for almost 11 years! It is amazing how I can still be suprised by things he says or does throughout the day. Just the other morning I sat straight up in bed and I thought, "Oh, my gosh, I married the wrong man!" I understand this is not a rare phenomenon, especially early in marriage (and even though it sometimes doesn't feel like it, 7 years is still pretty early in marriage). Some of us make the lifelong commitment while we are still young enough to use acne cream. To make matters even more ludicrous, an endorphin-infused "love high" impairs our ability to walk in a straight line, much less think rationally. In the early days after the honeymoon we thrive on the "opposties attract" phenomenon. I love eggs; he loves bacon; I love chic flicks; he loves old western films; I love to sleep in on Saturday; he loves to get up early. As time marches on, what intrigued us and was endearing about our mate begins to drive us nuts. Years down the road, all that bacon has given your prince a pot belly. He won't take you to a movie unless the starring role is plyed by John Wayne (i don't even think he is still alive), and your luscious Saturday morning sleep-in is rudely interrupted by the crackling whir of the weedeater outside your bedroom window. Charming. Maybe some of us could say we were not in our right mind when we got married. What were we thinking making a commitment to another human being at the age of twenty something. But I have been thinking... What was God thinking?! Doesn't he consider the folly of youth and it's hormone rushes? Probably. I also think God's goal is probably to make us complete and that part of His plan is to use-you guessed it-that charming spouse. I think I entered marriage looking like a piece of swiss cheese with lots of emotional holes to fill up, and God often gives our mate many round pieces to fill those holes. But the trick is having two people committed to seeing their relationship through the holey stage. So I am convinced that if we hang in there long enough and are both willing to grow, we find that marriage has gone form holey to whole-helping shape us into the people God created us to be. And with the passing years, we find we have become one in heart and mind. So, the answer to my question, Mr. Wrong? Not at all. My husband is the perfect match for me and I am thankful that he is willing to help me fill in all of my holes! I might be in a bit of trouble though if he ever decides to read my blog.

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emily said...

ha ha...this is so true :)
so, when are you going to write a book? you are such a good writer!!!