Monday, December 3, 2007

Sloth Mom

I' m a pretty laid-back mom by nature. Although that may sound desirable to some super charged mommies, it's not politically correct in todays fast paced society. For example my day started out routinely enough like any high energy moms would by taking a shower. Lauryn was already down for her morning nap and Kailey was perfectly content watching the friendly bilingual dinosaurs jump around, so I thought I would give my hair the 3 minute miracle conditioner and just relax. By the time I had dried my hair, put on my face, and got dressed, an hour had gone by and Kailey had moved on to drawing all over the newspaper and bills I had set out on the table to go through. So, with my to-do list in hand, I yelled, "Time to go bye-bye!" Something about escaping the confines of the house with a 2 year old and a baby makes me instantly feel productive. By the time we waited for our oil change it was 11am and time to think about lunch... I did like any other mom would do and went home to fix a well balanced meal before we finished out the days to-do list...ok, not really, who does that? We headed for the golden arches and I prayed that they would have the last "bee" we needed to complete our collection. The next thing I knew, noon was gone and I still had my list staring at me...the laundry...undone, the bills...undone, and dinner... still frozen rock solid in the freezer. I keep asking myself, why can't I switch from park mode to drive with out it taking a huge effort? I get caught in the trap of comparing myself to other moms mothering styles...not good, I know. I have a friend who reminds me that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the cul-de-sac. She challenged me to ask God to show me the positive aspects of my personality and how it uniquely meets the needs of the children and husband God entrusted to me. Good advice! Meanwhile, I don't think there is any harm in admiring the style and pace of other moms and even learning a few good tips but I just have to be careful not to get stuck and find myself comparing. Does anyone else ever struggle with this or am I completely off my rocker? Ok, thanks for letting me vent! Also, thanks to all of you who keep checking my blog. I will try and do better about posting more often. My camera is on the frits too, so as soon as that is fixed I will have lots more pics. My friend Emily refers to leaving comments as "blog lovin". I am needing some blog lovin! Come on!!!


MaryEllen said...

It is SO easy to compare yourself to others...I catch myself doing it all the time! I'm not a mom, so I can't relate to that, but in terms of how busy people keep themselves--I always feel behind, and then feel guilty for sleeping in on Saturday when the rest of the world is out battling it out for the best Christmas presents (at least right now). Have I mentioned I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet?!?!! Anyway, there is no need to put unnecessary pressure on are a fantastic mommy! Love ya :)

emily said...

girl, i have these days all the time! how can you not compare yourself to others?? you are an awesome mommy (the fact that you took both of your children to get your oil changed speaks wonders of your mothering skills...i would never dare do that!) anyways, look forward to hanging out with you all tonight!! see ya soon!