Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Fun

Here are some fun pictures of our activities this summer...so far~there will be lots more to come!!!
Here is Kailey at the Wichita zoo putting on her "turtle face"
Kailey and Grama Burrell
Lauryn going down the BIG slide
Kailey and Lauryn going down the slide at the park
Kailey making cookies for her daddy
This is Kailey with her sweet friend Nevaeh. They love to play together!
Kailey sitting on Grama Burrells porch waiting for everyone to get home
Kailey, Lauryn, and me a the zoo
Kailey watching the penguins~this was her favorite part of the zoo
Lauryn and daddy sharing ice cream~this was there favorite part of the zoo!

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MaryEllen said...

Looks like this has been a fun summer so far!