Friday, April 25, 2008

Life Lessons and The Park

Does anyone else ever feel like they are just living without really existing. I have really been struggling with that lately. I know the Lord has plans for me and wants me to do something-something besides you know, mopping floors, figuring out what to make for dinner and making the whites, even whiter. Don't get me wrong that is a part of my life that I am so thankful for and I would never change that. I just wonder sometimes if there is something out there that the Lord is calling me to do and I just haven't listened well enough to know what that is. I have really been clinging to Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understandings but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." So there you have it, my struggle of the week that causes me to babble once more! Moving on...

We went to the park the other day, despite the wet grass and mud puddles. We all needed to get some fresh air. The girls played so well together! It was a lot of fun watching them run around and chase each other and listen to Kailey make up little games for them to play.

Usually Kailey refuses to swing but today she would do it if she could sit with Lauryn. It was a little crowded but they obviously didn't care because they were in there for close to 30 minutes.
This is Kailey saying, "Catch us mom." and then they both take off running. They are really pretty fast!
Kailey finally conquered her fear of slides!
Anyone think they can take me? I am the queen of tic tac toe!


Jenn said...

it's great to see that you and your kids are out enjoying what sliver of "practical for playing outside" weather there has been too! i feel for you in the "what am i doing with myself" arena... i think you just gotta dive in somewhere, anywhere and just start doing something. studying something, crafting something, learning a new skill, clearing out junk you don't use anymore and donating it...etc. sometimes you gotta just "do"... God can't take you anywhere unless you're willing to move! i know exactly how this feels! take care, jenn

Chelsea said...

Great post Carly. I think we've all "been there". I agree with Jenn but I also think it's all about timing. Sometimes God is preparing us for something but its not the right time. He has it all planned out and if we just let him lead its amazing how wonderful things turn out. Keep living, praying and "doing" cause God is probably prepping you. He always has somethin' brewin'. :)