Saturday, January 12, 2008

Twenty Reasons

twenty good reasons to worship god from psalm 103...

1. he forgives
2. he heals all my diseases
3. he redeems my life from destruction
4. he crowns me with loving kindness
5. he satisfies my mouth with good things
6. he executes righteousness and justices for the oppressed
7. he makes his ways known
8. he is merciful
9. he is gracious
10. he is slow to anger
11. he will not strive with us
12. he will not keep his anger forever
13. he does not punish us according to our iniquities
14. he shows great mercy to those that fear him
15. he removes our transgressions from us
16. he has pity on us
17. he remembers we are dust
18. his mercy is everlasting
19. he blesses our children who obey him
20. he rules over all and his throne is established

i have really struggled this week with some things but god is always faithful to remind me that he is lord and that i need to make a decision to praise him no matter what the circumstance is. I am reading the book, The Power of a Praying Woman and this is listed in there. good book, i will share some other things that speak to me as i read them.

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jeanna said...

great list. i need to be reminded of these things daily. some days i feel like i walk around in a fog just trying to keep up. thanks for sharing!