Monday, January 14, 2008

I love monday nights

monday nights have turned into sort of a haven for me. the girls go to bed and then chris meets with his accountability group. so you guessed it...quiet, alone time for me!!! that doesn't happen often. so i am loving it! the only problem is that there is so much I want to do during this time but i get sooo relaxed and usually end up falling asleep with my nose in a book. oh well, that is definately part of the beauty of monday nights. so, short post but i am going to enjoy some more of my time!


Anonymous said...

i share your love of monday nights! the boys normally are really tired and go to bed a little early then their norm. is it bad to REALLY enjoy the moments of quietness when they are sleeping
? :)

Jenn said...

there is NOTHING wrong with using your quiet monday nights to relax and fall asleep with your nose in a book, when in the world else would you be able to do that? and with you staying at home all day with two little ones i'm quite sure you deserve it! so enjoy it sister you can always get something done tomorrow, hahaha!
:) jenn

emily said...

love time to myself's the best feeling!

Jenn said...

where are you? are you okay? you haven't posted in a week!