Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally some pictures

This is Gavin (the girls cousin and Chase our dog that we can't have where we live so he went to live with grandma and papa. Gavin loves Chase and begged grandma to bring him in the house because it was so cold. She agreed so Gavin took a nap with him! Cute!
This is Kailey and her cousin and buddy Rachelle. Kailey wanted to go outside and play in the snow like all of her other cousins but once we got her all bundled up and ready she was afraid to get off of Rachelle's lap. Here is Chris with 2 of his neices Mindy and Rachelle and Kailey in the middle...still on Rachelle's lap.

Kailey discovered play dough and loves it. I love it too! I have been able to sit her at the table and actually get dinner made and things done in the kitchen!
Now that I have this picture up, I can see that is is pretty dark, oh well. This was the day of our "snow storm". Both girls spent most of the afternoon looking out the window. Kailey wanted to go out so bad, but Lauryn was sick so I didn't want to get her out.

Here is Lauryn geting her first haircut. My friend and neighbor, Marietta cut her hair and it looks so cute! Lauryn was very hesistant at first but ended up doing a great job of holding still!

Fun times! I will try to be better at posting pictures more often. Have a super day!!!!

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~melissa said...

thanks for sharing pics of your family. your girls are so cute.

~melissa perry