Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clump-Clump Cart

Last night was a hectic night. I ran to the store without makeup or other vital beauty enhancements. Feeling a bit self-conscious, I consoled myself with the idea that it should be easy to shop inconspicuously for such a short errand. And then I heard it. "Oh, no, not again! I thought out loud. Yep, I grabbed another clump-clump cart! I hate those things, especially when I am trying to just blend in with the other non make-up'd mommies. I think most seasoned shoppers have had one of these carts at some point, ya know the cart that limps along like a peg-legged pirate thanks to the clump of blackish gunk stuck to the wheel. Nasty! So much for shopping unnoticed. As I clanged along, I decided that this was a conspiracy. I am convinced that stores actually order the carts this way to save money on janitorial costs by having unsuspecting shoppers clean the floors with these "lint brushes" on wheels. Any way, you can probably guess what happened next. Yeah, I ran into a neighbor of mine. Lovely. I tried to make small talk and told her how agitated I was with this lopsided cart that I felt like scraping the clump off with my bare hands an hurling it into the bakery. Apparently she was unmoved by my emotional confession as she just walked away.
On a spiritual level(trust me clump-clump carts are full of theological significance) I realized that those irritating clumps were metaphors for the troubles that attach themselves to the shopping cart of my life. When I try to remove the clumps myself, I end up with a big hairy mess on my hands. In the grocery store of life, I need to learn to call on the Manager when I face sticky situations. I should cry out to God, "Woman needs clump removal-aisle ten!"

Silly story, I know. But thanks for stopping by!


Jenn said...

amen sister! i think you are one of the funniest people i've ever met (well technically we've never met but i feel like i know you between the bits of you i get from emily and from your blog...)you should definately write a book! i was reading through the last few days of your blog to get caught up and i was laughing out loud! i'm feeling you on the "no make-up trips" and on the "mommy measurin'-up" i find myself doing that too b/c i'm a super laid-back mommy with super on-the-go mommies as best friends... i've learned to let them rub off on me as much as i can handle and the rest i just have to let go. God made me the way i am and it also gives me an opportunity to rub off on my always on the go friends. i love reading your posts! can't wait to actually meet you in person!

emily said...

i hate those dang carts!!!

emily said...'s everything going? we decided to cancel small group tonight...i figured that would be best with the weather and sick kids...let us know if you all need anything :)

~melissa said...

you are so funny and a good writer. you make me smile.

~melissa p.