Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creepy Crawlers

Why is it that we mommies can set our babies in front of a hundred brightly colored, squeaking toys-totaling about a thousand dollars in the best that Toys "R" Us offers, only to find the little rugrats scarfing down common household pests the moment we turn our backs? Yes, this happened to me today! I'm telling ya, come be a fly on my wall and you will have some prime entertainment! I should have known better, but Lauryn and I had a "talk" so I thought things would be different today...I told her, "now sweetie, with every privelage comes responsibility, so I know you won't dissapoint me today by using your crawling skills to find things to put in your mouth that don't belong there-right?" She just looked at me and laughed with drool running down her chin, I took that as a yes maam. Not so! A few minutes later I checked on her her and she was still sitting there playing so nicely, until I got a little closer and I thought to myself what is that black string hanging out of her mouth. She could tell that I was going in after whatever it was and she quickly shut her jaws like a steel trap. Any guesses as to what I pulled out of my innocent little 10 months old mouth. A beautiful, helpless, now mutilated cricket. Yummy!! I've decided that I'll make a million with my own line of bug-flavored baby food. Ok...tell me what you think, should I go with Peas, Carrots, and Roly-Poly's or Summer Squash with Silverfish? Maybe if we give them what they really want, they'll stop going for whats off limits. I guess I am that way to sometimes. I think they call it discontentment; wondering if life offers more than what I'm experiencing; Always longing for something outside the "toy box". I know at those times I just need to listen and let God fill those voids!


emily said...

oh GROSS!!!!!!!!! i can't believe she ate that! what a story to tell her future husband :)

brooke said...

Blog hopping and found you :) You make me laugh so hard!

My son did that with a cockroach! Not ANY cockroach the HUGE AZ flying ones! AHHH! I just about died!!

MaryEllen said... I'm with should most definatly save that story for future husband/boyfriends!!