Friday, November 9, 2007

Here and Gone

I look forward all week long for Friday to get here and now it's basically over. Today just flew by. I watch 2 adorable little boys once a week and today was that day. As soon as they left I tried to pick up the house, catch up on laundry and of course check my blog to see if anyone left me any comments. Thanks so much to those of you who did! As soon as Chris got home we ran out the door to get the van picked up from the shop. It broke down again and this time the news wasn't so good. The transmission is shot. What do ya do?! After that we ran a few errands, grabbed a bite to eat and it was already 8:15. Kailey and Lauryn both have nasty head colds that are making them a little grumpy so we got home and put them in bed. While I was rocking Kailey she pointed to her tummy and said it hurt and then she puked...all over me and the floor. She is back on one of her meds that really messes with her tummy. Poor baby, I just want to cry everytime I think about all of the medication that is in her system. But she has such good spirits and she is so sweet. So, as you can see, nothing real exciting and I am just praying that Chris and I still get to go out tomorrow night. Have a great weekend everyone!


MaryEllen said...

Hey Carly! This blog is so neat! I sorry to hear the girls are sick, and I'm sorry you got puked on!! If it puts things in perspective at all, I can tell you I can't wait to have a baby to puke on me! hahaha! love you :)

emily said...

hey carly! i finally found your blog :) and i love it! you are so funny :)
yuck about the puking...both my kids did the same thing too on thursday...something is seriously going around our church...everyone i know has had their kids sick like that in like the last week! but it comes and goes so fast...weird! well, i will add your blog to the HUGE list of blogs that i check daily :)