Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love Dare

Chris and I spent our Valentines Day snuggled up on the couch watching the movie Fireproof. I enjoyed the movie, despite the streams of tears that were flowing down my face. If you are married or are contemplating marriage, you should see this movie. It speaks volumes! The movie depicts a couple on the verge of divorce. The husband is encouraged by his father to take the Love Dare as a final investment in their marriage. He agrees and it changes both of their lives and marriage. Chris and I are approaching 8 years of marriage this summer. Unlike the movie, we are very happily married. I believe that in this day and age where nothing is sacred, it is vital to invest ourselves in our marriage. SO...I have decided to participate in the 40 day Love Dare. I am going to post the "daily dare" here each day so that if anyone wants to join me on this journey, you can! If you are going to participate, leave me a comment so I know who of my friends are joining me!


The first part of this dare is simple. Although love is communicated in a number of ways, our words often reflect the condition of our heart. For the next day, resolve to demonstrate patience and to say nothing negative to your spouse at all. If the temptation arises, choose not to say anything. It's better to hold your tongue than to say something you'll regret.


Jenn said...

my husband and i are day 7. it's been really great! we weren't as bad off as the couple in the movie but we have been going through rough times {it seems to be cyclical with us} but i love him more than ever and am so excited to go through this 40 day journey with him. have fun!
love, jenn

Rene' said...

Good for you! maybe J and I can try it soon! thanks for sharing!!!