Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday (adopted from a sweet friend)

Today I am thankful for so much! But my heart is overjoyed today with love for my family! I feel fortunate to be the mom to these 2 beautiful and sweet little girls. They have grown up so fast. Alot has changed since this picture! Too many days go by that are filled with the chaos and business of life and I do not ever want them to question my love for them!

I am also thankful for my husband. He is such an amazing man who does everything he can to take care of us. He is a wonderful leader and example of Christ's love to our family. He is an amazing daddy.

I am also thankful for the rest of my mom and dad, my brothers and sister, and all of my in-laws! I love you all so much!!!!!!


MaryEllen said...

Aww..I am thankful for you too, and I love you very much!!

Sam, Sarah, Claudia, Camile, Maya, and Gabriel said...

sweet post, Carly...I'm sure they're just as thankful for you as you are for them!!!