Thursday, September 11, 2008


This week has taught me a valuable being that the word "no" can be an anointed word(i have heard my mom say this on numerous occasions) and two regardless of what i would like to believe, i have limitations and I am not super mom! This has been a week that I have taken on way to much. I have had several friends whom I love dearly ask things of me and several events that I have committed to, school projects and the list goes on and on of stuff and people that I have been responsible for this week and I am exhausted. I had a horrible evening yesterday because I had to tell one of my friends that I could longer help her out with child care and I felt terrible. I know they were disappointed and probably feeling overwhelmed. I want to be super mom and super friend all of the time but it is not possible! I get myself in situations all of the time..I say yes and really think that I will be able to balance everything and then after a while of trying I am not successful and I end up letting people down. One of these days I will learn...I hope. So, if anybody knows of someone that is looking to provide child care full time M-F, please let me know so that I can pass that info on to my friends. Obviously, they are looking for someone that we would trust our kids to and could feel confident they are getting the best care possible. Thanks for listening to me vent.


Sam, Sarah, Claudia, Camile, Maya, and Gabriel said...

Carly, Carly, Carly...take a break! :)

I, too, have a SUPER hard time telling people "no." It stinks.

So, on this day that you're feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted, I must you still want me and my 3 children (Sam, Maya and Gabriel) to invade your home in October? :)

Anonymous said...


i have the same hard time about saying, NO.

i also do a lot, more than i should sometimes. breath and do something for you! you have too!

Anonymous said...

We love you no matter what!!! Smile! There are reasons for everything in our lives! Even if some things doesn't go the way we hoped. You've been awesome!!!