Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's that, Why?!?!?!

Anyone with children who can talk or are learning how to talk probably knows where I am going with the title of this post. Kailey is pointing to everything, everywhere asking what's that and why? How many times can you tell your child-that is a whatever and just because that's how God made it?! Seriously, I am starting to feel like a broken record! I guess it's just because she is an inquisitive, brilliant, child who is just so eager to learn and take everything in! I guess she really does take after her mother! Ha! We had our small group tonight, which we are loving! The other couples in our group are great! Tonight our topic kind of turned into a stay at home mom ventiing session. I was so glad to know that I was not the only mother out there that felt like a horrible mom sometimes and that it doesn't always seem like roses and a walk in the park. Thanks Emily and Marietta for being real!


Sarah said...

Howdy, Carly! Just wanted to drop a line to say hello. :) Regarding the stay-at-home mom thing not always being a walk in the park, I'm sure that's true some days and can be really frustrating; however, on the flip side of that, know that you are tremendously blessed to be able to stay at home with those girls and raise them on your own rather than having to depend on someone else to raise them. I would give anything to be able to stay home with Maya.

emily said...

you can always count on me being real :) probably a little too real at times!
love ya!